Wednesday: Abortion Rights Freedom Ride Hearing w special guests 8-20-14

Watch the 

Abortion Rights Freedom Ride: Ground Zero Texas  People's Hearings

1st Hearing Wednesday July 30 5pm

2nd Hearing Wednesday August 6   5pm

3rd Hearing Wednesday August 13   5pm

4th Hearing Wednesday August 20   7pm only*

Hosted by two Freedom Rider volunteers who have recently returned from Texas
*We have canceled the 5pm viewing so that people could go to the protest in Oakland at that time.
See video compilation of media coverage of the Abortion Rights Freedom Riders:

We will broadcast each hearing LIVE at the bookstore. at 5 pm And we will re-show it again at 7pm.
Hear many different voices, coming from many different perspectives, uniting to bring alive the stories of women who got abortions and do not regret them, as well as the stories of what happens to women when abortion is illegal (from before abortion was legalized in this country, from areas in this country where abortion is so inaccessible women are in the same situation as when it was illegal, and/or from countries where abortion is illegal). By tuning in, people everywhere can learn about the emergency situation and stakes, bring together growing networks of common concern, and lay the basis for growing numbers to step out nation-wide throughout the country during the culminating Week of Defiance in many different ways. This is a critical element of waging this fight in a way that sets the record straight for millions "in the middle" and strengthens the entire national counter-offensive.
People's Hearing will be held in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and the Rio Grande Valley, which draw out the true dimensions of the emergency. 

People's Hearing:
July 30 at 7pm CT
Encore Theater
4715 Main St. 

July 31 at 4pm CT
Republican Party HQ
3311 Richmond Ave.
August 4 at 9am CT
Federal Courthouse
People's Hearing:
August 6 at 7pm CT

Austin Centre
3809 S 2nd Street
Room A-200

August 7 at 4pm CT
Governor's Mansion
1010 Colorado St
San Antonio
People's Hearing:
August 13 at 7pm CT
Esperanza Peace & Justice Center
922 San Pedro Ave


August 14 at 4pm CT
Cathedral of San Fernando
115 Main Plaza
Rio Grande Valley
People's Hearing:
August 20 at 7pm CT
Los Fresnos Inn
906 W. Ocean Blvd
Los Fresnos, TX


August 21 at 4pm CT
From Gateway Internat'l Bridge to Matamoros
Brownsville, TX