Kick Off Meeting for October Month of Resistance 7-26-14

We received this message about an important Kick Off Meeting for 

The October 2014 Nationwide Month of Resistance
to Stop Mass Incarceration, Police Terror, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation

Saturday, July 26
2-5 p.m.
First Unitarian Church
685 14th Street (at Castro, right next to 980 Freeway)
Downtown Oakland
(wheelchair accessible)


  Just in the past few weeks we have witnessed:
**1000's of children being driven across the border by US devastation of their homelands and then finding themselves caught between Homeland Security rounds-ups and flag-waving racists
**The District Attorney in Santa Rosa California refusing to charge the cop who murdered 13-year old Andy Lopez
**2 videos that went viral showing cops brutally and unjustly beating Black women

All these and more outrages only serve to underscore more than ever the need for powerful outpourings of resistance in October– as envisioned in the Call for a Month of Resistance to Mass Incarceration, Police Terror, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation ( that was adopted at the meeting convened in New York in April 2014.
Should YOU be at this meeting?

Yes! If you live directly under these threats, this violence, this repression and want to STOP IT!
Yes! Even If you don’t yourself live directly under it, but you know that it’s wrong and you want to STOP IT!
Let’s all come together, individuals and organizations and make real plans so this October, so our determination to end all this reverberates across the country and around the world!
October 2014 needs to be a full month of many diverse forms of resistance.

Already, prominent and respected voices are signing the Stop Mass Incarceration Network’s Call for the Month of Resistance. Join Ayelet Waldman, novelist, lawyer ; Alice Walker, author; Peter Coyote, actor, author, director; Cornel West, author, educator, voice of conscience; Carl Dix, Revolutionary Communist Party; Noam Chomsky, Professor (ret.), MIT*; Cephus "Uncle Bobby" Johnson; Michelle Alexander, and 100’s of others who have pledged to be part of the Month of Resistance

Take the Pledge! Endorse the Call for October at

Be at! Bring others! to the Kick-off Meeting