"Dodging Extinction " Anthony D. Barnosky book launch! 9-25-14

When a paleontologist warns that something very unusual in Earth's history is taking place RIGHT NOW, everyone ought to pay attention." -Elizabeth Kolbert, author of The Sixth Extinction and Field Notes from a Catastrophe.

Meet Anthony Barnosky!
Thursday, September 25, at 7 pm

During the past 500+ million years in which complex life has existed on Earth, there have been five massive extinction events when three quarters or more of all species on Earth have been extinguished. Cal professor, Anthony Barnosky, shows us in his new book how global warming and other environmental impacts caused by human beings are bringing on a Sixth Extinction. Unless unprecedented measures are taken to change the trajectory we are on – most species could be wiped out within a few human generations.

Join us for a discussion of both the science behind this environmental emergency and the extraordinary changes required immediately to avoid one of the greatest disasters in the history of life on earth.

Anthony Barnosky is a Professor of Integrated Biology at UC Berkeley and a leading scientist specializing on how global change affects biodiversity and ecosystem function. In addition to his latest book, Dodging Extinction, power, food, money and the future of life on earth, he is the author of the book, Heatstroke, and many important papers on the subject of climate change and species extinction. He is also one of the authors of the Scientific Consensus Statement to World Leaders: Maintaining Humanity's Life Support Systems in the 21st Century.