Stop the U.S. Bombing of Iraq

Stop the U.S. bombing in Iraq! The U.S.invasion and bombing of Iraq is NOT the solution to ANYTHING.

The United States is the SOURCE of the Problem in Iraq, Stop the Bombing!

Larry Everest on Iraq (video).

Received from World Can't Wait:

The World Can't Wait
Stop the Crimes of Your Government

5:00 pm Friday August 8

Powell and Market (Powell BART Plaza)

San Francisco
Yesterday, U.S. bombing of Iraq resumed. 
Don't believe the "humanitarian" lies used to justify it.  This bombing is about reasserting U.S. power in the region, against local powers and against its world power rivals China and Russia. 
The previous U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq took more than 1,000,000 Iraqi lives,  displaced many millions more, and destroyed the country itself.  U.S. policy fueled the sectarian strife that both ISIS and the Maliki government thrive on. Adding more U.S. weaponry to the mix brings yet more death and destruction, further embittering the peoples of the region towards the West.
In justifying the bombing, Obama last night said that the U.S. can’t “turn a blind eye to genocide.” In the light of his steadfast support for the month-long Israeli slaughter of Gaza -- resupplying munitions to the Israeli Defense Force mid-battle – his statement perhaps surpasses even the most hypocritical statements of George W. Bush.
And when Obama announces renewed airstrikes against Iraq with the pious promise  “Well, today America is coming to help….”  it is impossible for anyone with a heart, and mind – and a basic conscience – to stand on the sidelines.  We either accept this situation or we act to say we do not.  
Once again we must reject a president's war lies. Once again we must tell the world this war for empire is NOT IN OUR NAME and step out to resist the crimes of our government.   Once again, the world is watching: when the American government runs amok, raining murder from the skies over Iraq, what is the response from us, the people who live in this country?
Come to this protest in San Francisco today at 5 PM.  Or if you can’t be there, make your own action wherever you are – and send a report and photos/video to World Can’t Wait to be included in our ongoing coverage.