CELEBRATION POTLUCK -welcome back the Abortion Rights Freedom Riders 9-19-14

Join Revolution Books and Stop Patriarchy
Friday September 19 at 7pm at Revolution Books

CELEBRATION DINNER to welcome back and celebrate the brave freedom riders of the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride 2014: Ground Zero Texas! and hear them report back from an amazing and historic month long battle to prevent the closure of abortion clinics.

We are especially pleased to announce that Sunsara Taylor, writer for Revolution (revcom.us) and initiator of End Pornography and Patriarchy: The Enslavement and Degradation of Women, will be joining us for this celebration!


The fact that people put their lives on hold, their bodies on the line to tell the truth about abortion and fight against female enslavement should be honored and celebrated!

The Abortion Rights Freedom Riders not only resisted the immediate closure of abortion clinics in Texas (something which was won temporarily, but which is being appealed Fri, Sept. 12th), they took a leap in carving out a new path of mass political independent resistance – rather than reliance on the dead-end of electoral politics – to stop this war on women.

Their impact in Texas was real. They modeled a different direction, set a new standard, and inspired and involved many. Check out some of the incredible media they got here, and at this compilation of their efforts here. We have lots to build on.

The Abortion Rights Freedom Riders must be celebrated! This is an essential part of building on what was accomplished and going forward.


Everyone who cares about the future of women... everyone who donated to or followed the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride... everyone who is friends with or family to the Riders... everyone – especially students and young people – who is just hearing about this now and is inspired or intrigued to meet these courageous individuals, who wants to learn more, and who wants to be part of breaking bread and forging community for a better world.


The Abortion Rights Freedom Ride accomplished amazing things with the generous support of hundreds of donors. Yet, there is a need to raise an additional $15,000 to cover the full costs of the Ride and be in a position to go forward. All are encouraged to donate generously and there are ways for everyone who wants to to get involved in helping raise these necessary funds. You can donate now by clicking here.


Spread this invitation through e-lists and social media, make announcements on air or in class, spread to religious congregations and post on bulletin boards.