EMERGENCY: The Police Are STILL Killing Unarmed People & This Must STOP! - Cornel West & Carl Dix WEBCAST 4-6-15, 7pm Revolution Books Berkeley

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EMERGENCY: The Police Are STILL Killing Unarmed People, & This Must STOP!  A CALL TO ACTION from Cornel West & Carl Dix 
(speaking in person in New York on Monday, April 6, 7:00pm, East Coast Time, LIVE online here)

Come hear Cornel West and Carl Dix speak about what needs to be done and massive national outpourings on April 14. 

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Special Messages from Alice Walker, Eve Ensler, Cindy Sheehan, Arturo O'Farrill...

After the protests of last year, after promises were made and investigations were launched, after hundreds of protesters were arrested... the police are still getting away with killing people, especially Black and Latino people. This must STOP!