Yemen, Iran and the Middle East: Intractable Contradictions for Imperialism - the Need and Potential for Revolution 5-7-15 NEW VIDEO & ARTICLE ON THE CRISIS IN YEMEN

took place on 5-7-15 here at Revolution Books in Berkeley

Below is an excerpt from Larry Everest's recent article:
Obama & U.S. Imperialism: Pushing Yemen Deeper into Hell
Larry Everest | May 4, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |  (first published online April 29, 2015)

The United States claims to be the good guys in the world. Fighting terrorism. Standing with the downtrodden. Promoting democracy. Representing law and “human rights.”
Bullshit. Just look at what the U.S. is doing to the people of Yemen right now: They’re backing a savage bombing campaign and naval blockade led by their close ally Saudi Arabia that’s murdering, displacing, and starving the people of Yemen—all in an effort to impose yet another bloodthirsty tyrant of their choosing on the Yemeni people.

It’s hard to imagine the hell that life is in Yemen in normal times, much less how it could become even more hellish. Even before this last month’s escalating warfare, this small country at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula was one of the poorest in the world. Over half of its population of 26 million was unemployed or impoverished. A million children under five suffer life-threatening malnourishment. Another million are chronically malnourished. That’s two of every three children in Yemen whose growth has been stunted by hunger.

But make Yemen even more hellish is just what the U.S. imperialists and their key Middle East ally, Saudi Arabia, along with various reactionary forces in Yemen, are doing day after day... [read the complete article here]