Rev Books Indiegogo fundraiser LIVE! It's urgent everyone join this now!


UPDATE: Watch Peter Coyote's excellent pitch for RB and share it with your friends!

We're counting on YOU to donate now to jumpstart our exciting new crowd funding campaign at to Move, Relaunch and Save Revolution Books!   The times are changing and they demand Revolution Books!

We're on a mission to raise $20,000 in the next month as part of our campaign to raise $35,000 to move, renovate & remodel the store and its new space at 2444 Durant in Berkeley by August, expand our stock, and ensure our doors stay open!  Your contributions will go to new flooring, lighting, paint, electrical work, and new books!
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The reason we are basing a large part of this fundraiser on Indiegogo is to help our supporters mobilize more donors and support for this campaign when they donate. The way that works on Indiegogo is 3 simple steps:

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Step 1. Go to our Indiegogo campaign page titled Revolution Books Berkeley (click here). In the right column above the pink button, there is a box where you enter the donation amount. (see the picture on the right here) Then click the pink button and you go to a page where you supply your email address, Facebook login or create an Indiegogo account.

Step 2.  Enter credit card information to pay.

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Step 3. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT POINT TO HAVING AN INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN FOR US. After you donate, you see the page pictured on the left here. Below the thank you, the text reads:
"Don't stop here... share with your friends! You can drive further support and success of this campaign by telling friends and helping the team build their audience. Every person counts!" 
This campaign depends on our supporters encouraging everyone they mobilize to follow advice. There are 5 colored buttons to facilitate sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and by email. (Skip the last link button and use this link to our indiegogo home.) We need you to explain to everyone who donates: they also share this with friends and acquaintances on social media and by email and in person - and that those folks need to be encouraged to do the same - to get a tremendous number of people involved quickly this week. Everyone should go back to our Indiegogo home page to share using the social media buttons on the left and to keep track of  this campaign.