Holiday Open House on Sat. Dec. 12th & Sat. Dec. 19th

There IS a Way Out of This Madness!

From Syria to San Bernardino, from Chicago to Paris to Colorado Springs... heavy shit is going down. But now is not the time to seek shelter. Out of the storms today and the coming storms tomorrow, we can fight through to a radically new, and far better, world!

Come to Revolution Books for our Special Holiday Open House  Sat. Dec. 19th from 1 - 7 p.m.

Refreshments/Discussions/Books/Gifts/10% Discount
Hang out, join in the discussion and
Donate and sustain RB! See schedule below.

Revolution Books is a center of a movement for an actual revolution, a bookstore with the novels, poetry, history, science, philosophy, and more - a place where people have the opportunity to discover, experience, and engage. It is a place that holds the dreams and the hopes for humanity for a liberating world that has overcome all forms of exploitation and oppression. What is extraordinary at RB is that here at our bookstore people can find the way to make these dreams a reality. At the foundation of Revolution Books is the most advanced scientific revolutionary theory for a revolution for the full emancipation of humanity: the new synthesis of communism brought forward by the revolutionary leader, Bob Avakian.

We want to welcome you to this Open House. Come meet the staff, have some food and check out the books. Special guests will be there ready to talk about ideas and books. Each hour has a different theme, so drop by!

Sat. Dec. 19th:

2 p.m.  Bob Avakian and the New Synthesis of Communism - Revolution is not an impossible dream. It is not "unrealistic." ... is not a crazy or dangerous idea. What is crazy, and dangerous, is going along with the way things are, and where things are heading, under this system.

3 p.m. Stop Police Terror: how can we put an end to this horror?

4 p.m.  In the Wake of the Outrage in San Bernardino, NO More Unjust War! NO Pogroms, Paranoia & Persecution! Internationalism- the Whole World Comes First!

5 p.m.  Meet the Revolution Club - Fight the Power, and Transform the People, for Revolution.

Volunteers are needed:

* Right away to outreach to stores and restaurants to ask for donations for the open house

* All this week to post fliers and signs and spread the word about Revolution Books & the Open House.

* This weekend -join a street team and get out fliers with a special 10% discount coupon to the street fair and help host the Open House.