In light of the Paris Climate Talks: A talk and discussion 7pm Wed. 12-9-15

Confronting the Depth of the Environmental Crisis, and Why we Can and Must Do Better than Capitalism:

A Talk and Discussion...
Wed. Dec 9 at Revolution Books

Listen to the opening presentation here

As the rulers of the world’s nations meet in Paris for the UN Convention on Climate Change, the New York Times reported:
“The negotiators in Paris will not be discussing any plan that comes close to meeting their own stated goal of limiting the increase of global temperatures to a reasonably safe level.” And the Times article concludes that a serious plan to cut carbon emissions—in ways that would change the trajectory where the sea level will rise 10 feet this century, there will be catastrophic heat waves, and difficulty growing enough food to feed humanity—would be “potentially disruptive to [the big powers’] economies and politically unrealistic.”

If seriously confronting this challenge to humanity is too economically disruptive for this system, and politically unrealistic, then that alone tells you this system needs to be overthrown and replaced by a system that can address this crisis.