THE SQUARE: film showing and discussion on the Anniversary of the Uprising in Egypt 2-11-16 at 7pm

Thursday February 11

Showing of the film "The Square" with discussion:
On the Anniversary of the Uprising in Egypt, Let's Dig Into the Critical Need for a Core of Communist Leadership

In the winter of 2011, five years ago, the people of Egypt rose up in rebellion against decades of brutally oppressive rule by the Mubarak regime-a regime backed by and playing a key role in preserving the interests of the U.S. Empire. On February 11 of that year, Mubarak was driven from office. On that day, Bob Avakian issued a critically important message, EGYPT 2011: MILLIONS HAVE HEROICALLY STOOD UP... THE FUTURE REMAINS TO BE WRITTEN.
Come watch the film, hear BA's message, and join in the discussion!