Come Together, Raise Funds and Build the Campaign for BA Everywhere SUNDAY 3-20-16, 5-8 pm

You are invited to come together, raise funds, and build community, as part of accelerating the BA Everywhere campaign. The campaign aims to raise big funds to make the new synthesis of communism that Bob Avakian (BA) has brought forward, and the leadership he provides, a major question in society: a point of reference and, for increasing numbers, a living framework for how to understand, and transform, the world.

Fundraising Dinner for the BA Everywhere Campaign

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Sunday, March 20th, 5 - 8 p.m.
The YWCA 2600 Bancroft Avenue Berkeley

$10-25+, sliding scale
  Info: Revolution Books 510-848-1196, 2444 Durant Ave. Berkeley BA Everywhere Committee 510-387-5615 

BA, his work, and his leadership exist at a time when the influence and organized force of revolution— real revolution—is not nearly as strong as it urgently needs to be, but the basis for this is actually stronger than ever. The biggest immediate problem right now is that this is not yet known in the way it needs to be... As BA himself says in the new work we are celebrating: 

There is an urgent need for this new synthesis to be taken up, broadly, in this society and in the world as a whole: everywhere people are questioning why things are the way they are, and whether a different world is possible; everywhere people are talking about “revolution” but have no real understanding of what revolution means, no scientific approach to analyzing and dealing with what they are up against and what needs to be done; everywhere people are rising up in rebellion but are hemmed in, let down and left to the mercy of murderous oppressors, or misled onto paths which only reinforce, often with barbaric brutality, the enslaving chains of tradition; everywhere people need a way out of their desperate conditions, but do not see the source of their suffering and the path forward out of the darkness. —Bob Avakian The Science, the Strategy, the Leadership for an Actual Revolution, and a Radically New Society on the Road to Real Emancipation 

This has to change... now. As a first step, build these dinners. If you are not now connected to the Party and want to participate, or to learn more about this campaign, write to us at revolution.reports@ or get in touch with the local Revolution Books bookstore, or the local distributor of Revolution where you live. 

Fundraising Dinners for the Bob Avakian Everywhere Campaign, Weekend of March 18 Nationwide