Refuse Fascism meeting at RB 7pm Monday 1.23.16 The world changed this weekend.

Monday Jan 23 - 11am, Stay in the Streets! 

Gather at S.F. Civic Center... Then March! ​

Monday Jan 23 - 7pm: Refuse Fascism Meeting
Location: Revolution Books 2444 Durant Ave (near Telegraph, under parking structure) Berkeley 94704

Also go to the protest: Monday Jan 23 - 11am, Stay in the Streets! 

Gather at S.F. Civic Center... Then March! ​

Communique from Refuse Fascism:

The world changed this weekend.

First, Donald Trump made clear in an unprecedented inaugural speech and then an equally unprecedented appearance at the CIA that he is moving very rapidly to a fascist re-ordering of society.

Second, millions of the people in the US and around the world came out in equally unprecedented demonstrations to make clear their abhorrence for everything Trump stands for.

The world changed, but it must change still more. Time is short. Once such a fascist reordering takes place, resistance and change become immeasurably more difficult.

We must not lose the momentum. Act on Monday at Noon, in Washington, DC and all over.

Our Resistance on Monday must call even more people back into the streets. To stop this regime, we must stop business as usual this week. Every faction in the power structure must feel compelled to respond to what we the people do. This could force a political situation in which the Trump-Pence regime is prevented from consolidating, and could be ousted.

All Out Monday and Everyday This Week.

WATCH Sunsara Taylor Speech on DC Freeway J20: We must join together and stop this fascist regime


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