"How to Survive a Plague" film showing Thrs 5-18 7pm

 Academy Award Nominee for Best Documentary, 2013 
directed by David France

This gripping film is the story of the fight by determined people, many of them HIV-positive young men, who refused to stand by or wait for the government to do something when people were dying of AIDS.  It's the story of ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) and TAG (Treatment Action Group).
They courageously took on Washington and the medical establishment, fighting with audaciousness and bold actions which shook up and changed things.
"The currents of rage, fear, fiery determination and finally triumph that crackle through David France's inspiring documentary, "How to Survive a Plague," lend this history of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power a scorching electrical charge." - Stephen Holden, New York Times 
"Riveting...moving and essential." - Bruce Diones, The New Yorker
There is much to learn from their example for today, now that we're up against a fascist regime that has to be driven out of power. Watch the film and stay for the discussion.