Video Showing: The Horror of Sexual Abuse Must Stop... The Upsurge Against It Is Just. Are We at a Turning Point?" 6PM Sun. 12-17-17

  • Fran Luck, founder and executive producer at WBAI of "Joy of Resistance: Multicultural Feminist Radio".
  • Sunsara Taylor, co-initiator of; on frontlines to end pornography and patriarchy: the enslavement and degradation of women; advocate for Bob Avakian's new communism.
  • Andy Zee, moderator, spokesperson for Revolution Books.
Against the backdrop of the accusations against Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore, and the bragging of sexual abuse by the predator-in-chief himself -- A VOLCANO HAS ERUPTED.

A righteous upsurge against sexual assault and harassment. Women calling out dominating, brutalizing, dehumanizing men... in the entertainment and media industries, in the corporate world, in politics. Women speaking bitterness and shining a light on sexual abuse that weighs as a heavy chain on tens of millions of women in every corner of society.

Big questions are being raised and critical challenges are getting posed. This is about half of humanity... and all of our humanity. Join us for this urgent public forum.
  • What does the outpouring and outcry against sexual abuse tell us about the reality of THIS society?
  • How can we (women AND men) push forward this upsurge and maximize its positive effect?
  • How does this upsurge relate to the Trump-Pence regime, including its legal attacks on women?
  • Can the subjugation and degradation of women really be ended... or what would it take to overcome the oppression of women--and all oppression?
A Question of Basic Stand and Orientation
By Bob Avakian
AGAINST SEXUAL ABUSE October 18, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |