International Women's Day - 7pm Thurs 3-8-18

Break the Chains! 
Unleash the Fury of Women As a Mighty Force for Revolution!

Screening and discussion of excerpts on the oppression and liberation of women from the film of Bob Avakian's talk,

If you hate the way women are brutalized, assaulted, and degraded all over the world... if you are outraged by the threat the Trump/Pence fascist regime poses to women and all of humanity... if you are disgusted by all these oppressive gender roles... if you've raised your voice in #MeToo but have questions about where our anger should be directed and how to end this madness for real... the most important thing you can know now is this: There is an answer to WHY this horrendous, ages-old oppression is still going on and intensifying. And there is an answer to HOW this oppression can be eliminated from the face of the planet. Bob Avakian, the architect of a new stage of communist revolution and leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, has done the work of analyzing the cause of this situation... making that understanding available... and on that basis leading people to carry forward the revolutionary struggle to actually eliminate the oppression of women and all oppression.  Come find out more. Be part of the viewing and take part in the discussion