Support Revolution Books: What is going on & what you can do

Pro-Trump fascist thugs threaten to BURN DOWN Revolution Books.  
We will not be intimidated!

On Mar. 3, for the 10th time in recent months, a group of MAGA hat wearing wannabe Nazi book burners attacked Revolution Books. This time they escalated their threats. Who are these fascists and why are they targeting Revolution Books?

-They are know-nothing purveyors of “alternative facts.” Revolution Books is a center of intellectual ferment, science, and critical thinking in pursuit of the truth.

-They are white supremacists and “Western chauvinists.” Revolution Books carries literature which tells the truth about the slavery, genocide, and colonial plunder that is at the foundation of this country and “Western Civilization.”

-They are anti-immigrant, flag-waving, jingoistic cheerleaders for U.S. imperialism. Revolution Books is fighting for a world without borders. We carry novels, poetry, plays, history, and analyses which tell the stories and value the humanity of people throughout the world. As Bob Avakian says, “Internationalism—The Whole World Comes First.”

-They are misogynists who like to call women “bitches” and “cunts.” Revolution Books broadens people’s vision and deepens people’s understanding so they can fight for a world where ALL the chains are broken. At Rev Books, women, men, and differently gendered people are equals and comrades.

-They are fascists who hate communism and want to suppress all dissent. As Pastor Neimoller famously said, “First they came for the communists…” At the foundation of Revolution Books is the most radical and scientific theory on the planet, the New Communism developed by Bob Avakian.

Your support is needed now!
  • Come in to the store! Hang out, browse the diverse selection, read a book, learn about the New Communism, come to programs and discussions. 
  • Do a written or video statement in support of Rev Books! Make a donation! 
  • Volunteer at the store! Sign up for a shift whenever you’re free. Help with planning and promotion of events, tabling and outreach, graphic design, etc. 
  • Follow and spread Revolution Books on Facebook, Twitter @RevolutionBksB, and Instagram @RevBooksBerkeley 
  • Join the Friends of Revolution Books Club at UC Berkeley