An Evening with Joyce Carol Oates - Monday, April 30, 7pm

Reading and discussion with the author

Beautiful Days 

A mother loses her son, who is obsessed with fractals….
A girl trapped in a painting wants out….
An African student in the U.S.,is expelled and becomes undocumented. Brutalized & arrested by police, he is forced into becoming a test subject for a government bio-engineering experiment.

A Book of American Martyrs

The reader is inside the head of a Christian fundamentalist as he plans, stalks and murders an abortion doctor. In the aftermath of this violent crime — two families, of the doctor, and of the murderer, struggle to deal with their situation and their rage.

Joyce Carol Oates is a renowned author of more than 70 books, including fiction, poetry, essay and memoir. Her writings are stirring and complex — addressing racism, sexism, alienation, love and morality. Going deep. Skewing our perceptions, seeing from a different angle and challenging both the status quo and conventional wisdom.