ANTI-4th of July Picnic! "America Was NEVER Great!" July 4, 2-5pm, Lake Merritt, Oakland

ANTI-4th of July Picnic! 
America Was NEVER Great! 
Wed. July 4, 2-5pm  
At Lake Merritt, Lakeshore Ave. near Brooklyn Ave. in Oakland

Join the Revolution Club, Revolution Books, and the Bob Avakian Institute for food, fun, good people... a movement for a real revolution and a world without America and everything it stands for. None of this America-first, flag- waving, military-worshipping, land-of-the-free bullshit!

At a time when this system puts immigrant children in cages at the border and bombs still other children in the Middle East, when police still shoot down Black, Latino and Native people in the streets, when women are treated as less than human and the basic rights and respect for LGBTQ people are denied right up to the Supreme Court, and when the environment itself is under severe assault-a better world IS possible.
Come hear how-break bread, watch films, hang out, and celebrate the world 
we need and find out about what we need to do to get there. Bring poems, 
music, food-or just yourself and your desire to do something against this 
system-on July 4.