Discussion: A Wave of Fascist Violence & Terror Against Immigrants...Can this rapidly escalating fascism be stopped through the normal process of elections? 6pm 11-4-18

The elections set for November 6 are shaping up to be a major political flash point. Trump has been holding increasingly aggressive and almost daily fascist mass rallies around the country, whipping up his base not only to vote, but to adopt an increasingly aggressive stance to those he has declared to be enemies. At the same time, there has been in the past week a series of violent fascist political acts.
  • 11 people murdered in a synagogue while they worshipped, allegedly by a man with a terrifying record of unbridled anti-Semitism. 
  • 15 pipe bombs sent to former presidents, high ranking officials, media institutions, and others who have been repeatedly targeted by Trump.
  • Two Black people murdered, allegedly by a man who spewed racist epithets and had just been denied entry to an African-American church.
Trump responded to the attacks in an openly callous and, in the circumstances, extremely aggressive way to this, with pro forma calls for "unity" and continued, and in some ways stepped-up, attacks on both the media and political opponents.

Monday Trump announced that thousands of armed troops are to be sent to the U.S/-Mexico border
to stop the "invasion" of migrants from Honduras - people who are fleeing their home country on foot and traveling a thousand miles just for the chance of survival. And on Tuesday news broke that Trump was considering issuing an executive order to deny the right to citizenship to children born in the U.S. to noncitizen parents.

All this has heightened contradictions and brought home more deeply both the fascist character and aims of this regime and the sharpening polarization in this country. It has also revealed the utter inability and lack of desire of the Democratic Party to meaningfully oppose this for what it is: fascism.

Come to Revolution Books to discuss what is happening and why, and how to STOP these fascist moves and oust the Trump regime and prepare the ground for revolution. We will present recent clips from Bob Avakian and a Refuse Fascism organizer will talk about the importance of the planned nationwide demonstrations on Wed. Nov. 7 & Sat. Nov. 10th.