The Green New Deal:  A Bold New Solution OR Sustainable Snake Oil for a Green American Empire? 7pm Thurs 3-7-19

Come discuss and debate!

At a time when 150 species are going extinct every day...when bees are dying, oceans are warming, coral reefs are bleaching, glaciers are melting, wildfires are blazing...when the last three years were the three warmest on record... when fascist, anti-science, planet-destroying regimes are in power in the U.S., Brazil, and other countries...when dire reports keep coming out about the disaster we are already living in and the climate catastrophe we will face if carbon emissions aren't drastically cut in the next 10-20 years...when what is desperately needed is a radical change, the type of change that can only be brought about by overthrowing the capitalist-imperialist system that is the cause of the environmental crisis, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal pulls people in the exact opposite direction, and into a trap.

It is just "woke" and "intersectional" enough, pays just enough lip service to the reality of climate change and inequality, to draw you in and allow you to project your hopes onto it. But the Green New Deal: 1) doesn't even begin to address the climate crisis and actually serves to perpetuate it; 2) relies on U.S. imperialism and reinforces toxic American chauvinism; 3) is completely unrealistic and promotes the illusion that this system can be reformed; and 4) is primarily for the purpose of legitimizing this system and channeling you into voting for the Democrats, when what people urgently need to do is to break out of that whole framework, wage a fierce fight to STOP this capitalist system from destroying our planet, and get organized for an actual revolution.