Author event: Breaking Cadence - Rosa Del Duca 7pm Wednesday 8-28-19

Rosa del Duca discusses her memoir, Breaking Cadence.

“This book stands as an example of what it takes for someone in the military to stand up for justice, act on their morals, and become a conscientious objector. This story of Rosa del Duca’s spirit and her tenacity to follow it is a beacon to shine the light for others who choose not to be the cannon fodder of empire.”
-Dahr Jamail, Iraq war reporter and author of The End of Ice

Rosa del Duca is a writer, teacher and musician. She grew up a tomboy in rural Montana, where she joined the Army National Guard at seventeen. During her six-year contract, she became not only a conscientious objector, but a feminist and unlikely rebel. That tumultuous time is the focus of her memoir.