Panel Discussion of Life of George Washington Mural 7pm Thursday 8-22-19

a section of Life of George Washington fresco by Victor Arnautoff

Panel Discussion of Life of George Washington Mural:
Art, politics, the "founding fathers" and what it will take to get beyond this world of oppression


Dewey Crumpler - Associate Professor of Painting at the San Francisco Art Institute and artist who created the "response murals" at George Washington High School

Matt Gonzalez -Chief Attorney of the San Francisco Public Defender's Office. He previously served as president of the SF Board of Supervisors. He is the author of the article "Don’t whitewash history:"

Rafael Kadaris - Revolution Club member & author of the article "Identity Politics Hustlers Sanitize "Life of George Washington"

Lope Yap Jr. - Vice President George Washington High School Association - Reflection and Action Group Panelist: Lone Dissenter - filmmaker