Fascists March on Revolution Books... Again We Will Not Be intimidated! Which Side Will You Be On!

In the last couple years, a bunch of vile know-nothing pro-Trump fascists have repeatedly attacked Revolution Books and even threatened to burn it down! And now, once again this Sunday, Sept. 1, they’re marching on Revolution Books.

The call for their “No to Marxism” protest says, “Revolution Books is a communist anti-American store.” Innocent as charged! Revolution Books is the intellectual, cultural, and political center of a movement for an actual revolution. At the heart of our store is the new communism developed by Bob Avakian—the most radical and scientific understanding of the world and how it can be changed. While these flag-waving cheerleaders for U.S. imperialism celebrate “America First,” Revolution Books carries novels, poetry, plays, history, and analyses, which tell the truth about of this country and value the humanity of people throughout the world. As Bob Avakian says, “Internationalism—The Whole World Comes First.”

They say, “This store promotes books and the ideology of calling for open revolution to the American people and a communist overthrow of America.” Why yes, we do promote books! All kinds of books! And yes, we are calling for revolution to get rid of this capitalist system that’s destroying billions of lives and destroying the environment of our planet. At Revolution Books you can find the strategy for how to make an actual revolution. And you can pick up the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America, written by Bob Avakian, to learn about the liberating society we start building day 1 after this system is overthrown.

This has been a summer of white supremacy pouring forth from the oval office and muzzles of AR-15s, unleashed by a fascist regime in power, while way too many people turn their heads away and do nothing “because it hasn’t affected ME yet.” This fascism is not a sideshow or something that can be voted away, but is deeply rooted in this system – it can and is “happening here.” It’s time get off the sidelines and ACT!

What you can do now to oppose these fascists and support Revolution Books
*Revolution Books is OPEN!
Come to the giant used book sale
Friday, Aug 30 - Monday, Sept 2, 11-6pm

Buy some books! Volunteer for a couple hours. And be there especially on Sunday, starting at 11:30am, to defend and stand with Rev Books when this “No to Marxism” march comes by. Calling all poets, writers, authors: Come do a reading at the bookstore on Sunday!


The best way to say “fuck you” to these fascists is to support the bookstore and the movement for revolution that they hate and fear so much! Revolution Books is an all-volunteer collective, which needs your support in order to survive and thrive. Half of all donations will go to the National Revolution Tour, which is traveling the country organizing for revolution. Find out more at Revcom.us. Donate here.