Informal Discussion of Bob Avakian's "Individualism, BEB, and the Illusion of 'Painless Progress'" 7pm Saturday 8-10-19

"Send Her Back." "Rat-infested." "No human being would want to live there." The massacre in El Paso carried out by an immigrant-hating racist echoing Trump tropes. Almost every day the Trump/Pence Regime hammers forward with their open white supremacy, xenophobia, and fascism. Yet people in this country remain passive... waiting for elections and Democrats, despite the repeated collaboration of these very Democrats.

How to understand this? What to do about it? Join the discussion on Saturday. Bob Avakian is providing invaluable analysis and direction in these extremely dangerous times for humanity. Nobody is offering the kind of analysis of fascism that Bob Avakian is.

Read this newly published excerpt from a recent talk given by Bob Avakian: Individualism, BEB and the Illusion of 'Painless Progress'

And then come out to Revolution Books, Saturday at 7pm, to dig into and discuss this in-depth and provocative analysis of the current moment.

"[Pelosi] is saying it would further divide the country to impeach Trump-as if the "country" is not already very deeply and very intensely divided, at this point, which is precisely why someone like Trump could get elected in the first place. But there are really three reasons, or we could call them "three fears," that Piglosi and the rest have."

Read the full article here to find out those "3 fears" and come to Rev Books Saturday evening for a wide-ranging discussion.