Revolution Books Threatened again by MAGA thug—Stand with Revolution Books

Statement by Revolution Books Berkeley, 11-4-19

"I recently visited your bookstore uh last year. I wanna let you know that we're going to burn it down. We're still a go." (voicemail received last week on the bookstore phone.)

Revolution Books has received a threatening voicemail from someone identifying themselves as (and sounding like) the same fascist, racist Trump supporter who threatened to burn the bookstore down in March of 2018.…

Here is a video of that incident:

The bookstore has been the target of anti-communist fascist Trump supporters for the last 3 years. Two months ago there was “No to Marxism” rally targeting RB, claiming that that “Revolution Books is a communist anti-American store.” RB responded: “Innocent as charged!” That anti-communist rally was a failure, in large part because the community rallied against it and in support of RB.

Revolution Books is the intellectual, cultural, and political center of a movement for an actual revolution. At the heart of our store is the new communism developed by Bob Avakian—the most radical and scientific understanding of the world and how it can be changed. BA's work has opened a path for a world without oppression and exploitation and a radically different way people could be living. He has been warning of the danger of fascism since the mid 1990's and examining the changes in the world that are giving rise to this. In 2018 he gave a speech, “The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go! In the Name of Humanity, we REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America! A Better World IS Possible

Donald Trump, as part of consolidating a fascist regime, has been fomenting a violent atmosphere and unleashing white supremacists, Nazis and the alt right to attack Black people, immigrants, Muslims, Jews, LGBTQ people. Trump and the flag-waving MAGA-hatted shock-troops for U.S. imperialism celebrate “America First.” Revolution Books carries novels, poetry, history, and analyses, which tell the truth about of this country and value the humanity of people throughout the world. As Bob Avakian says, “Internationalism—The Whole World Comes First.”

Revolution Books fully supports the #OutNow movement initiated by Refuse Fascism which is holding weekly nationwide protests to spur a mass non-violent sustained movement to drive out the entire Trump regime. This movement, initiated October 19 has come under serious attack, and has refused to back down. (see video)

“These fascists will not diminish the excitement of digging into the rich and varied explorations of the natural and social world contained in the books that surround us, or the engagement with each other and thrill of dialogue and debate over the world we live in, and how we could together change it. ... And, we will stand against such attacks wherever they occur.” –-Andy Zee, spokesperson for Revolution Books.

Revolution Books remains firm in its mission and calls on people from all walks of life – who value critical thinking and discourse, who oppose book burning and intimidation, who want a radically different world -- to support and defend the bookstore. While we take this kind of threat seriously, we will not be deterred. There is too much at stake. We call on everyone to condemn and oppose the attempts to intimidate and silence us. Come to the bookstore. Become a financial sustainer of the store. Send messages of support, find out more at