Benefit Dinner for the National Revolution Tour - 6-8pm Sat 2-1-20

Contribute to and learn about the ongoing work of the Tour
Internationalist food, music & poetry celebrating  
Humanity First,  Not America First!
$10 students, $15-20 general 
The National Revolution Tour is heading into the thick of things.  The battle for removal of the fascist Trump/Pence regime is heating up.  The Tour just traveled to Richmond VA and called out white supremacy in the face of fascists converging at a rally on Martin Luther King day.  In the midst of all this, the Tour is bringing out the need for revolution to overthrow this system and bring about a whole different future for humanity and it needs your support! Be part of this historic undertaking by donating urgently needed funds for travel, lodging and food.

1-20-20: members of the National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour traveled to Richmond, Virginia, and staged the only protest of the day right up in the face of some 22,000 heavily armed, heavily white supremacist, overwhelmingly MAGA-supporting, “gun rights” rally.