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What authors say about Revolution Books:

Revolution Books is a Berkeley institution, an institution of inspiration for generations of young rebels searching for ways to re-make society through the ideas of authors, writers and speakers from all over the world. Revolution Books is a place as well as an idea – it occupies a space in the mind and heart… it is also a place where the collective imagining of a better world exists in a tangible environment one can touch and see and hear and feel. Berkeley NEEDS Revolution Books, so that Berkeley can remain an outpost of revolutionary thought, of vision and practice of radical change that inspires the world to social justice.
-Rickey Vincent, PhD.  Author of "Funk" and "Party Music: The Inside Story of the Black Panthers Band and How Black Power Transformed Soul Music"

   Revolution Books is a Berkeley landmark, as much a part of our history as much as People's Park or Indian Rock. It's a place where progressive intellectuals meet to engage in the most important conversations of the day regarding social justice, feminism and religious oppression.
-Julia Scheeres, New York Times bestselling author of Jesus Land and A Thousand Lives: the Untold Story of Jonestown.

   Revolution Books is a feminist friendly bookstore. I am grateful to Revolution Books not only for carrying important feminist works, but because they welcome and host controversial feminist events on some of the issues most critical to the liberation of women. 
-Kathleen Barry, Ph.D., author of Unmaking War, Remaking Men

   Bookstores are a powerful community resource and they need community support: Revolution Books is a Berkeley institution and it needs your help.
-Robert Hass, English Professor at U.C. Berkeley and former U.S. Poet Laureate.

   Revolution Books is a bridge between middle class balance and the flight into much faster and deeper social change.  In our work in the Church of Stop Shopping - we are earth radicals.  The gradualism that naturally proceeds from the world of electronic petitions, litigation, policy-influencing - won't save us from the super storms of consumer and militaristic American society.  Revolution has never been more needed than it is today, for us and for our children, and Revolution Books lives up to its name.
--Reverend Billy, author of The Reverend Billy Project 

   Organizations like Revolution Books always mark the epicenter of a community. They are the focus of enlightened ideas, of achievement, and they fuel the engine of deeds. Beware! Those are very dangerous ideals to awaken.
-Bernie Krause, author of The Great Animal Orchestra

   I am so glad that Revolution Books exists as a space for human beings to gather and think beyond the boxes that have historically divided us. We need more spaces for connection and creativity where we can let loose our unbridled passion for liberation!
-Kayhan Irani - Playwright, Artivist, author of Telling Stories to Change the World


Our planet is being ravaged by imperialism.  Our youth are being murdered by police in epidemic numbers.  Women face all manner of degradation and abuse.  And a beautiful new rising has burst forth from Ferguson to Baltimore and beyond and broken open the moral, political and intellectual terrain.  All this makes Revolution Books needed more now than ever.

There’s no place like Revolution Books.   It’s where people come together – in a wide-range of programs and everyday conversations – to dig into the biggest issues confronting humanity.   It’s where people delve into why the world is as it is, and why it doesn’t have to be this way, but could be radically transformed through an actual revolution.   With a unique collection of books, Revolution Books is grounded in the re-envisioned communism of Bob Avakian, and it explores the wide spheres of intellectual and cultural life that must be a part of fighting for a new world.   Revolution Books is at the center of building a movement for revolution.

Your generous contribution will help ensure Revolution Books can fulfill its mission – which impacts the lives of literally millions - and make sure our doors stay open.   It will enable us to raise the thousands of dollars needed now for new flooring, new electrical, new paint, new lighting, new shelving, new and greatly expanded stock, and to clear some serious debts.

* Every donation counts.* 

We need: big and small donations; volunteers to work on fund raising; social media geeks; designers and artists; and authors, poets & performers to work with us on this exciting project.  Call 510-848-1196 or email us at

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