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Materialism and Empirio-criticism by V.I. Lenin

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An important contribution to communist philosophy. Lenin wrote it in 1908, when advances in science, and setbacks in the revolutionary struggle, had shaken many former Marxists in their convictions, and a wave of agnosticism—of questioning whether one could actually know the world or not, or even if such a thing as “the objective world” existed—gained a great deal of influence. They called it  "a crisis in physics," because it had been discovered that the atom, which had been thought to be the ultimate basic particle of all matter, was not the ultimate basic particle and it seemed that "matter has disappeared.”) Lenin  maintained, as a basic philosophical point, that matter is what exists and that it exists objectively and independently of people and their perceptions.


This title is hard to find, and this edition was published by Foreign Language Press when China was a socialist country.

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