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Socialist experience: USSR (1917-56) China (1949-76)

Some of Us: Chinese Women Growing Up in the Mao Era Cover Image
By Xueping Zhong (Editor), Wang Zheng (Editor), Di Bai (Editor), Naihua Zhang (Contributions by), Xiaomei Chen (Contributions by), Jiang Jin (Contributions by), Lihua Wang (Contributions by), Yanmei Wei (Contributions by), Zhang Zhen (Contributions by)

Revoliutsiia! Demonstratsiia!: Soviet Art Put to the Test Cover Image
By Matthew S. Witkovsky (Editor), Devin Fore (Editor), Yve-Alain Bois (Contributions by), Masha Chlenova (Contributions by), Devin Fore (Contributions by), Maria Gough (Contributions by), Christina Kiaer (Contributions by), Kristin Romberg (Contributions by), Kathleen Tahk (Contributions by), Barbara Wurm (Contributions by)